Aparna Pisharody (Greensboro NC) is an active performer, teacher and choreographer of Indian Classical Dance - Bharatanatyam. Growing up in Mumbai (India), Aparna was introduced to Bharatanatyam at a very young age. She continues to nurture her passion for Bharatanatyam under Sathvikaa Shankar (A senior disciple of world renowned artist Smt. Anita Guha). Understanding the compelling nature of Bharatanatyam and how it connects one to the divinity within themselves is an exhilarating and ongoing journey for her. To move the audience through the presentation of this ancient art form is an inspiration for her. Aparna has performed at various prestigious events within India and the US. Her performances reflect her devotion to this spiritual artform and they never fail to evoke an emotional experience in the spectators.

Aparna founded Svasti School of Dance in 2013 to impart devotion to Bharatanatyam in all students with the hope that they make it a meaningful part of their lives. She loves to teach because every class is a learning experience for her. She grows artistically and spiritually with every student, every day. Being able to encourage, challenge, and develop passion in the next generation is a sadhana (spiritual prayer) for her. She strives to teach Bharatanatyam through a traditional curriculum, and rigorous practice. Through it all she encourages creativity and humility. Svasti School of Dance performances are held all over the Triad area raising money for Temples, Flood Relief and various charitable organizations. The ultimate wish is that physical and spiritual discipline required on this artistic voyage will guide all to success in every pursuit of their life.