When: May 13, 2018

Where: E. Carroll Joyner Park (Performance Garden)

Time: 3:30-4:00pm


Come join us this Mother's Day at 3:30pm, prior to Six Sundays in Spring Concert, for a FAMILY FRIENDLY, FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC performance at Joyner Park's Performance Garden. Jody Fabso Cassell will lead you in BrainDance(c) developed by Anne Green Gilbert who was awarded the highest teaching award by the American Dance Festival in 2016.  BrainDance (c) is a way to move the body to wire the brain to become focused, energized, and prepared to meet the challenges of the day.  It is a fun and easy way to reduce stress and become capable of responding rather than reacting to people and events during the day.  It can be performed by all ages, either standing or seated. Come join! Jody will also lead a short demonstration in how a dance is built.
This performance is interactive with whomever wants to participate.

This event is sponsored by Wake Forest Dance Festival and the American Dance Festival.